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Genetic Crossroads
May 12th, 2006

"The Murky Trail of the Fertility Trade," The Observer (May 6)
"An investigation by the London-based Observer newspaper has revealed a burgeoning global trade in women's eggs where infertile British women who cannot find a donor in the UK will pay thousands of pounds for the chance of finding one overseas."

Letter to the Editor: Richard Hayes, "Stem Cell Politics," New York Times (May 1)
"I'm a lifelong Democrat, pro-choice on abortion and in favor of stem cell research. But over-the-top promotion of this research is a mistake that could come back to bite us, and its use as a wedge issue is ill advised."

"Democrats Hope to Divide G.O.P. Over Stem Cells," New York Times (April 24)
"Democrats are pressing their support for embryonic stem cell research in Congressional races around the country, seeking to move back to center stage an issue they believe resonates with voters and to exploit a division between conservatives..."

"A booming baby business," LA Daily News (April 23)
"The assisted reproductive industry is entirely unregulated. And self-regulation from these companies is inadequate," said Reynolds, director of the project on biotechnology accountability."

"Lax oversight by Pitt enabled Schatten fiasco," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (April 23)
"The University of Pittsburgh's lax policies and disregard for federal guidelines allowed biologist Gerald Schatten to participate in one of the biggest scientific frauds in history, according to a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review examination."


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