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Genetic Crossroads
March 29th, 2006

March 8-10: CGS Executive Director Richard Hayes sparred with techno-eugenics promoter Gregory Stock and others on a panel on "What the Future Holds… What Are We Creating, and Should We Ever Say No?" before 200 biotech entrepreneurs, scientists and writers at the "BioAgenda Summit" held in Palm Springs, California. Richard also appeared on a panel on stem cell governance, in which he and Lord Naren Patel of Dunkeld, Chair of the United Kingdom's Stem Cell Steering Committee, argued in favor of strong public oversight and regulation of stem cell technologies, governed by broadly representative policy bodies.

March 8: In Washington, DC: CGS's Sujatha Jesudason spoke on "The Challenges of Sex Selection" at a Center for American Progress briefing on Asian Pacific American Women and Sexual and Reproductive Justice in collaboration with the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF). There was much interest in the topic among the more than 50 people who attended the briefing, particularly from a bioethics perspective.

March 2-4: "California's Stem Cell Initiative: Confronting the Legal and Policy Challenges," a conference discussing the implications of California's stem cell research program, was held at the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. CGS's Marcy Darnovsky, Jesse Reynolds, and Rosario Isasi spoke on panels at the event on topics including the political process, intellectual property, implications for health care, and protecting research subjects and egg providers. Although critics and opponents of the initiative constituted a minority of speakers, much of the discussion focused on the fundamental flaws of the text of Proposition 71, the unreasonably high expectations raised by the campaign, and shortcomings of the performance to date of the stem cell research program and its governing board.

February 24-25: CGS's Osagie Obasogie gave a public lecture at Yale University on "Inequality and the New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies" and was a panelist at the Yale Law School conference on "Rebellious Lawyering," looking at cutting edge issues in reproductive rights law.


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