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Calls for effective oversight and regulation

Genetic Crossroads
January 27th, 2006

An increasing number of experts assert that the stem cell and cloning research scandal reveals the urgent need for effective oversight.

Richard Hayes, "Hold scientists accountable,"Baltimore Sun (January 17)

"The new human genetic technologies are giving scientists the power to change the nature of human life forever. They are being developed at breakneck speed. Neither public understanding nor governmental oversight has been able to keep up. "

Tina Stevens and Diane Beeson, "A closer look at stem cell research,"Oakland Tribune (January 18)

"Until citizens can access unbiased information on complex scientific developments, questions regarding whom to trust must be left to legislators, who must keep this in mind: The research is in its infancy, and the scientists relied upon for information have intractable conflicts of interest that must be brought under control."

Michael Cook, "Back to the taws on ethics,"The Australian (January 13)

"From Australia to Singapore to Britain to California, penny-pinching pollies who slash welfare budgets turn into sugar-daddy spendthrifts when they hear the words "embryonic stem cells". It's time to pour a bucket of cold water over our besotted politicians."


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