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Genetic Crossroads
December 15th, 2005

"In the brains of mice grow the cells of man," San Francisco Chronicle (December 13)
"Researchers in San Diego have designed mice containing fully functional human nerve cells as a novel way to study and potentially treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.The neurons were formed in the brains of mice that had been injected with human embryonic stem cells as 2-week-old embryos."

"Mamma Mia! 'Infertility,' the Musical," Newsweek (December 5)
Recent assisted reproduction clients have written a script based on their experience that is a new off-Broadway musical, "Infertility: The Musical That's Hard to Conceive."

"UK gets 100m stem cell boost," The Register (December 2)
"The UK's stem cell research programmes will benefit from 100m over the next two years after Gordon Brown doubled the government's financial committement to the technology."

"Changing ethics rules land Spanish stem cell scientist in hot water," Nature Medicine (November 29)
"The Spanish health ministry is considering legal action against one of the country's top stem cell scientists, saying he conducted research without proper authorization."

"The Problem with an Almost-Perfect Genetic World," New York Times (November 20)
The Times investigates the potential implications of the growth of prenatal testing: "Some bioethicists envision a dystopia where parents who choose to forgo genetic testing are shunned, or their children are denied insurance. Parents and people with disabilities fear they may simply be more lonely. And less money may be devoted to cures and education."


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