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Genetic Crossroads
November 10th, 2005

The Center for Genetics and Society welcomes Leah Ottersbach to the administrative team. Leah has a background in grassroots community organizing and fundraising for racial, economic and social justice.

October found CGS staff presenting at venues from Berkeley to Bangkok:

October 1: Reproductive Health Director Emily Galpern and Race, Disability and Eugenics Director Osagie Obasogie spoke at the West Coast Leaders Conference of Law Students for Choice on "The Meaning of Choice: Implications for Pro-Choice Activists in the Gene Age" at the University of California, Berkeley.

October 6-11: Osagie Obasogie presented at the 10th Annual LatCrit Conference: Critical Approaches to Economic In/Justice in San Juan, Puerto Rico on "The 14th Amendment Implications of Germline Engineering."

October 6: Race, Disability and Eugenics Director Patty Berne convened a roundtable discussion on emerging genetic technologies for key scholars and leaders within the disability rights movement in Oakland, CA.

October 15: Patty Berne and Emily Galpern presented at the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective's 2nd Annual National Membership Meeting on "Genetics and Justice: Implications of Reproductive and Genetic Technologies for Women of Color" in Emeryville, CA.

October 21: Associate Director Marcy Darnovsky spoke on "Social Justice in the Gene Age: California's Challenge" at a Sacramento State University conference, From Eugenics to Designer Babies: Engineering the California Dream.

October 27-30: Gender and Justice Director Sujatha Jesudason presented on "Gender and Justice in the Gene Age: What We All Need to Know" at the Association for Women's Rights in Development 10th International Forum in Bangkok, Thailand.

October 31: Biotechnology Accountability Project Director Jesse Reynolds testified at a hearing held by the Senate Subcommittee on Stem Cell Research Oversight, "Options for Handling Intellectual Property Associated with Stem Cell Research," in San Francisco, CA.


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