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Genetic Crossroads
September 29th, 2005

The Center was cited in media accounts throughout August and September, including:

"Clonacion es una tecnica insegura y peligrosa," Semanario Universidad (August 4)

"The Stem Cell Debate Continues to Heat Up," KPIX CBS 5 Eyewitness News (August 23)

"Federal funding for embryonic stem cell studies gets a boost," American Medical News (August 22)

"Stem cell grants, minus cash, on tap," Sacramento Bee (September 8)

"Stem cell funds awarded," Sacramento Bee (September 10)

"Despite uncertain funding, agency issues first grants," San Diego Union Tribune (September 10)

"Stem Cell Agency Awards $39 Million," Los Angeles Times (September 10)

"Ex-movie chief keeps big role in health care," Sacramento Bee (September 12)

"Stem cell research: cutting-edge science or corporate subsidies, courtesy of voters?," Capitol Weekly (September 15)

"California stem cell ball rolling, sort of," The Scientist (September 15)

"Stem cell's shell game?" Capitol Weekly (September 22)

The Center for Genetics and Society welcomes two new members to our rapidly growing staff. Emily Galpern, Project Director on Reproductive Health and Human Rights, has ten years of experience working to promote community health and well being, primarily through health education, coalition-building, and advocacy with young people, women, and communities of color.

Parita Shah, Communications Director, comes to the Center with experience in politics, policy and communications. She has worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in their Global Health Advocacy group, the Clinton White House and the Kerry-Edwards 2004 campaign.


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