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Genetic Crossroads
September 29th, 2005

New York Times Magazine pegs human biotech as upcoming Supreme Court priority: A cover story by Jeffrey Rosen in the New York Times Magazine, "Roberts v. the Future" (August 25, 2005) explored issues that John Roberts, nominee for the US Supreme Court, might face. "The most divisive issues likely to be argued before the Supreme Count in the coming years have nothing to do with abortion-and everything to do with technology, science and broad societal shifts," Rosen argued. New and emerging human genetic and reproductive technologies are among them. An excerpt from the article is posted on the CGS website.

UK review of oversight agency: The United Kingdom Department of Health has begun an extensive review and public consultation of the role of its Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. This includes whether the HFEA should continue to prohibit sex selection for social reasons. This development raises concern that a small group is moving to undermine the HFEA.

Leading fertility scientist accuses researchers of "hype": Lord Robert Winston, a pioneer in fertility research and an opponent of oversight of science, lashed out at senior scientists, for hyping the potential benefits of embryonic stem cell research. He singled out James Watson and David Baltimore by name for their dangerous arrogance.


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