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Genetic Crossroads
May 31st, 2005

University of California Professor and biotechnology critic Ignacio Chapela has received tenure after a tumultuous three year struggle. He was initially denied tenure, despite overwhelming support in his department and college, amid accusations that some late stage reviewers of his tenure had personal financial connections to the biotechnology industry and had been publicly critical of Prof. Chapela's work.

A new committee in Israel will consider approving the use of PGD for sex selection for social reasons.

France inaugurated a specialized agency for approving research on embryonic stem cells and vetting organ donations and other bioethics issues.

A committee of the California Assembly rejected a proposed ban on cloned and genetically modified pets.

Financial concerns appear to be holding up proposals to publicly fund embryonic stem cell research in Illinois and New Jersey.

A woman died two days after starting IVF treatment from a rare complication of the therapy, an inquest was told.


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