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California Bill To Ban Cloned And Genetically Modified Pets

Genetic Crossroads
March 31st, 2005

California Bill To Ban Cloned And Genetically Modified Pets: In a move with national and international implications, a California legislator has introduced a bill to ban the sale and transfer of all genetically modified and cloned pets.

The bill, AB 1428, authored by Assemblymember Lloyd Levine (Democrat-Van Nuys), will come for hearings this spring and summer. Approval will require the signature of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The bill was prompted by persistent efforts of for-profit firms, notably Genetics Savings and Clone, to create markets for genetically modified and cloned pets by, among other means, appealing to the emotions of those whose pets are dying.

Genetics Savings and Clone is underwritten by billionaire John Sperling, whose business holdings also include Kronos Corp, dedicated to human "life extension," Exeter Life Sciences, which holds the patents to the cloning technology used to create Dolly the sheep, and ViaGen, which plans to offer horse cloning services.

It is widely believed that the creation of markets for cloned and genetically modified pets will facilitate the eventual acceptance of cloned and genetically modified children.

Despite polls showing that over 80% of Americans oppose the creation of cloned pets, passage of AB 1428 is not assured. Genetics Savings and Clone has hired skilled lobbyists in an effort to defeat it.

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