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Genetic Crossroads
January 24th, 2005

December 9: "The Next Four Years, the Biotech Agenda, the Human Future: What Direction for Liberals and Progressives?"
Over four hundred people gathered at the City University of New York Graduate Center for this post-election symposium. Participants heard Sheldon Krimsky of Tufts University, Dorothy Roberts of Northwestern University, William Saletan of Slate, Stuart Newman of New York Medical College, and Marcy Darnovsky of CGS make the case for socially responsible policies governing the new human genetic technologies. Richard Hayes of CGS moderated. The symposium was cosponsored by the Center for Genetics and Society, City University of New York Graduate Center, the Nation Institute, the New York Open Center, and Demos. For more information and an online video of the entire event, see our full report on the symposium. Audio of the symposium will be broadcast on WBAI 99.5 FM, New York City, on Tuesday, January 25, at 6 to 9 PM EST.

Dec. 16: "Babies by Design"
The Genetics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, convened this invitation-only meeting to discuss the prospects for germline genetic modification of human beings (also known as inheritable genetic modification). Representatives of CGS and a number of like-minded groups were present. Although the 80 or so participants reflected a generally fair distribution of concerned constituencies, as did the closing panel, the major presentations were by scientists and bioethicists who voiced little opposition to this eugenic technology. Will Saletan's story on Slate.com, "Homo Respect-us: The Creature that Genetic Engineers Fear Most," captures the tone well.


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