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Genetic Crossroads
July 9th, 2004

"French parliament bans human cloning" Xinhuanet
(July 9)

"The French parliament has finally voted to enact a
law banning human cloning as a 'crime against the human species',
but it decided to allow embryonic research to continue. The
text of the law had changed dramatically since it was first
introduced for debate by the Socialist government of Lionel
Jospin and read for the first time in parliament in January
2002... According to the law, "Therapeutic" cloning,
meaning creating stem cells to replace damaged organs and tissue
to help with diseases such as Alzheimer's, is also banned."


"Human cloning issue on African Union agenda,"
South Africa Sunday Times (July 5)

"The African Union's (AU) executive council has given the
go-ahead for a common African position on the controversial
issue of human cloning to be drawn up."


"Officials question safety of 'designer baby' test,"
Stuff (July 4)

"Health officials cite safety concerns in delaying guidelines
for a genetic test that would allow New Zealand couples to have
"designer babies". Fertility Associates applied last
year to use pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), a screening
test for inherited disorders that also allows couples to choose
the sex of their child…. But PGD's introduction here has
stalled while the Health Ministry investigates its safety and


"Keio Univ. to get approval for PGD," The Daily
(June 21)

"A subcommittee of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and
Gynecology on Friday recommended that Keio University be granted
permission to use preimplantation genetic diagnoses."


"Bulgarian Cloning Debate Ends with Ban," Sofia
News Agency (June 8)

"Bulgarian Parliament has banned human cloning with reproductive
purposes, including cells and tissue donoring."


"Ulster couple plan for 'designer baby,'" Belfast
(June 8)

"An Ulster couple were today on the verge of making British
medical history by creating a 'designer baby' that will save
the life of their sick tot…. While the technology is available,
the family needs the permission of the Government's fertility
watchdog, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority,
to use it."



"Singapore Wants To Keep 10-Yr Jail Term For Human
Cloning," Associated Press (May 11)

"The Health Ministry wants to keep the proposed jail term
for illegal human cloning at 10 years in legislation on the
practice, backing away from an earlier proposal to lower the
penalty in the bill to five years."




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