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Genetic Crossroads
April 9th, 2004

"Recent setbacks show (again)
that biotech needs more patience and less ballyhoo," Business
(April 2)

"If the dramatic biological advances of the past two
decades had lived up to their original hopes, medicine would
have moved beyond the marvels we see today… Instead, recent
developments are sobering and valuable reminders not to be swept
away by the breathless excitement of new discoveries."


"Swedish committee stirs
debate," The Scientist (March 25)

"Research directed at developing methods that could theoretically
be used for germline gene therapy should be permitted in Sweden,
a government-appointed committee has recommended."


"United Kingdom's National
Health Service to fund 'designer baby' bid," BBC (March

"The NHS is to fund an attempt to create a "designer
baby" to save a child with a rare blood disorder. An unnamed
British couple hope the new baby will be able to provide their
child with a transplant of cells to cure the condition."


"Genetic engineering is next
doping threat," Reuters (March 19)

"Now the big fear is that advances in biotechnology and
gene therapy could result in genetically modified athletes with
the bodies of Greek gods and the prowess of Superman overwhelming
ordinary mortals at future Olympics. Gene therapy, to treat
or prevent disease, has not developed with the speed scientists
had initially hoped but it is moving forward and it could be
just a matter of time before it infiltrates sports."



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