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Genetic Crossroads
November 24th, 2003

Executive Director Richard Hayes was a featured plenary speaker
at the annual General Assembly meeting of the National Council
of Churches of Christ-USA
, held in November in Jackson Mississippi.
The NCCC-USA, which represents liberal Protestant and Orthodox
denominations, is embarking on a two-year program reviewing
theological, social justice and other implications of the new
human genetic technologies.

Assistant Executive Director Marcy Darnovsky presented at a
workshop titled "Race, Gender and Justice in the Gene Age"
at the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health and
Sexual Rights National Conference
. Marsha Darling, a professor
at Adelphi University and steering committee member of the Committee
on Women, Population and the Environment (CWPE), spoke on the
politics of reproductive genetic technologies at a plenary session.
The workshop was co-organized by CGS and CWPE; other workshop
speakers were CWPE's Rajani Bhatia and Marsha Darling, and Martina
Robinson, a disability advocate at the University of Massachusetts,
Amherst. The conference, held in Atlanta from November 13 -16,
drew more than 500 participants.

Program Director Jesse Reynolds is coordinating a series of
seminars addressing human genetic and reproductive technologies
at the World Social Forum, Mumbai, India in January.


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