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United Nations Postpones Further Discussion on Treaty Banning Human Cloning

What Happened and Why? - A CGS Special Report
Genetic Crossroads
November 24th, 2003

On November 7, after two years of debate and no substantive action, the United Nations voted to suspend until late 2005 any further consideration of proposals for an international treaty to ban human cloning. The vote was very close: 80 countries voted for the suspension, 79 wished to continue negotiations, 15 formally abstained, and 17 were not present.

The geo-politics of the cloning debate is complex and doesn't break down along conventional ideological lines. Sophisticated civil society organizing will be needed if we are to avoid continued stalemate on issues concerning human genetic modification.

The CGS Special Report covers:

the original proposal by France and Germany to ban reproductive cloning

mounting demands for a broader ban from across the ideological spectrum

thwarted efforts at compromise

analysis of the vote to postpone, including country-by-country results

What is to be done?

For the full Special Report on the UN cloning treaty initiative, see


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