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Genetic Crossroads
October 2nd, 2003

"Rat called Ralph is latest clone" (Sept. 25)

Scientists have succeeded in cloning the rat. The researchers
from China and France say they managed to create several rodent
copies, both male and female.


"Embryo of unfertilized egg yields stem cells"
(Sept. 22)

In a finding that could reshape the ethical debate over stem
cells, scientists have shown that cells extracted from the embryo
of an unfertilized monkey egg are similar to their fertilized
counterparts in almost every respect. Researchers believe that
if an unfertilized human embryo can be created via parthenogenesis-the
process in which an egg is finessed into developing without
the help of sperm-the ethical objections might be alleviated.


"Study: Cloned Cells Cure Brain Disease in Mice"
(Sept. 21)

US researchers say they have used cloned cells to treat a Parkinson-like
disease in mice and that this provides a good experimental basis
for testing whether so-called therapeutic cloning will work.



"Sperm Made from Stem Cells" (Sept. 16)

Scientists in Japan have transformed ordinary mouse embryo cells
into sperm cells, marking the first time those specialized sex
cells have been cultivated in the laboratory.



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