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Genetic Crossroads
June 9th, 2003

Clonaid Nothing But Double
Talk? (June 2)

Remember Clonaid, the self-proclaimed "human cloning company"
spawned by a UFO cult? These days, it's cashing in on its outrageous


Gene Therapy 'Causes Leukaemia'
(June 1)

Scientists in the United States have warned that some forms
of gene therapy may cause patients to develop cancer.


Stem Cell 'Master Gene'
Found (May 30)

Scientists yesterday said they have discovered a long-sought
"master gene" in embryonic stem cells that is largely
responsible for giving those cells their unique regenerative
and therapeutic potential.


Mule Birth Marks Equine
Cloning Breakthrough (May 29)

The birth of the world's first equine clone, a mule named Idaho
Gem, has been announced.


'A Clone Would Be Uglier,
Sicker and Dimmer' (May 21)

Human cloning would serve no purpose; all it would do is create
imperfect beings, Carlos Alberto Redi, the Italian scientist
who created the first mouse clone, said in an interview.


Designer Baby Couple Begin
Treatment (May 20)

A couple is to start treatment on Tuesday to create a "designer
baby" to provide a donor for their sick son.


Boys' Gene Therapy to Continue
(May 20)

Doctors at Great Ormond Street hospital, London, are to continue
gene therapy treatments for baby boys with a potentially fatal
bone marrow disorder, despite two children in a parallel program
in France developing leukemia.


Pushing for a UN Ban on
All Human Cloning (May 17)

Negotiations to reach an international treaty to ban human cloning
broke down last September and countries agreed to put off a
decision for 12 months. Costa Rica, however, has recently put
forward a new proposal aimed at renewing efforts to formulate
a ban.


UN Panel Studies Medical Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering
(May 12)

Medical ethics in the era of genetic engineering dominate the
agenda of a three-day meeting of a United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization panel which opened in Paris.



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