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Genetic Crossroads
January 12th, 2002

The Center
for Genetics and Society will be present at the upcoming World
Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The Forum is a meeting
space for those opposed to excessive corporate power and "engaged
in building a planetary society centered on the human person,
[to] come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas
democratically, for formulate proposals, share their experiences
freely and network for effective action." For this third
year, an expected 100,000 civil society leaders, activists,
writers, students, and government officials will gather on January
23 to 28.

CGS presentations
at the WSF include:

"Genetics and Social Justice: The Global Politics of the
New Human Genetic and Reproductive Technologies." Panel
organized by CGS, featuring Marcy Darnovsky, Associate Executive
Director, CGS (US); Alejandra Rotania, Executive Director, Ser
Mulher (Brazil/Argentina); Rosario Isasi, Canadian Program on
Genomics and Global Health, University of Toronto, CGS (Canada/Peru);
Marsha Darling, Associate Professor of History and Director,
Center for African American & Ethnic Studies Programs, Adelphi
University (US); Jurema Werneck, Coordinator, CRIOLA (Brazil).

Marcy Darnovsky of CGS is presenting on two additional panels:

  • The
    Ecology / Sustainability panel of the "Life After Capitalism"
    series organized by Z Magazine. Other panelists include John
    Hepburn (Australia) and Vandana Shiva (India). Monday, January
    27, 1:30 PM.

  • "Genetics
    in the Context of Health," organized by Dr. Laura Jardim,
    Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre. Other panelists include
    Victor Penchaszadeh (US), Jorge Sequeiros Director (Portugal),
    Lavínia Schüller-Faccini (Brazil), Alda Souza
    (Portugal), José Roberto Goldim (Brazil), Francisco
    Mauro Salzano (Brazil).

If you
will be in Porto Alegre, please get in touch with Jesse Reynolds
at Contact us






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