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Genetic Crossroads
January 12th, 2003

Two notable
opinion pieces published last week are those by:

Marcy Darnovsky, "Genetics and Society: The Misstep of
Human Cloning," San Francisco Chronicle (January
6, 2003)


Bill McKibben, "A Threat to Our Coherent Human Future,"
Washington Post, (January 5, 2003)


CGS Associate
Executive Director Marcy Darnovsky argues: "As environmentalists,
feminists and advocates of human rights, disability rights,
civil rights and social justice the world over are proclaiming,
the act of cloning a human baby is fundamentally irresponsible
to our future as humans.... Considered in its fuller dimensions,
the safety of human cloning turns out to be an issue of medical
ethics, human rights and gendered economic exploitation as well.
A wider lens reveals a range of other crucial questions about
the social implications of cloning."

writer Bill McKibben writes: "But the weirdness of the
Raelians should not be allowed to obscure the wider mission
they share with other self-proclaimed pioneers on the human
genetic frontier -- people who, though cloaked in science instead
of sectarianism, foresee remaking human beings in ways that
make the genesis of baby Eve seem almost innocent."


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