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China, "The Cloning Superpower"

Genetic Crossroads
December 17th, 2002

The January 2003 issue of Wired magazine contains the most detailed account yet of stem cell and cloning developments in China, including:

  • Cloned human-rabbit embryos created and cultured to the blastocyst stage by "Dr. X," who is keeping wraps on his work until patent applications have been approved.
  • Over 100 cloned human embryos created by Lu Guangviu of Xiangya Medical University in South-Central China, using human eggs obtained from the in-vitro fertilization clinic Lu established in 1980, the first ever in China.
  • Plans by the privately-funded "Union Stem Cell and Gene Engineering Co." in Tianjin to attempt to produce organs for transplants using cells from cloned human embryos within two years.

The account says that the Chinese Ministry of Health has issued a single-sentence statement forbidding reproductive cloning, but that this ruling is "toothless." See http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.01/cloning.html


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