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World Social Forum (WSF) to Address New Human Genetic Technologies

Genetic Crossroads
October 25th, 2002

The challenge of the new human genetic technologies will be
addressed at the 23-28 January 2003 meeting of the World Social
Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A special session titled "Human
Genetics in the Context of Health" will engage issues concerning
equity, access, eugenics, discrimination, reductionism, gene
patenting, cloning and more. Representatives from the Center
for Genetics and Society will be among the presenters.

The World Social Forum is one of the major civil society activist
venues; over 10,000 participants are expected. For information
on the human genetics event contact Dr. Laura Jardim, Hospital
de Clinicas de Porto Alegre, ([email protected]). For
information on the World Social Forum in general see http://www.forumsocialmundial.org.br


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