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New York Times Reviews Gregory Stock's Redesigning Humans

Genetic Crossroads
September 18th, 2002

New York Times Reviews Gregory Stock's Redesigning Humans

In a recent review of Gregory Stock's Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future, author Gina Maranto identifies shortcomings in the arguments presented by Stock and other proponents of the new techno-eugenics. Maranto characterizes the book as an apology for personally ambitious scientists, entrepreneurs and eugenics enthusiasts who capitalize on the vulnerability of infertile couples. She highlights the inherent eugenic implications of these technologies and the need for their regulation and control.

According to Maranto, "[U]nfettered science has not historically shown itself to be in the best interest of society, any more than unfettered government, religion or business have. The fact that biomedical tinkerings have brought benefits for some does not constitute a sufficient reason for concluding that the practitioners of the embryonic arts should have the right to pursue any and all lines of experiment.

"Nor is it an adequate argument to say that if banned, germ-line manipulations would simply move offshore or go to the black market. That may be true. But if the fact that people will seek to avoid the law were a reason not to have a law, we would have no laws at all."

See Gina Maranto, "Deoxyribonucleic Acid Trip," New York Times (August 25, 2002), and online at http://www.genetics-and-society.org/resources/items/20020825_nytimes_maranto.html


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