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World Congress of Bioethics

Genetic Crossroads
September 18th, 2002

Over 1500 participants are expected at the Sixth World Congress of Bioethics being held from October 30 to November 3 in Brasilia, Brazil. Hosted by the International Association of Bioethics, the Congress will focus on "Power and Injustice."

A special session entitled "Towards an International Ethical, Social and Political Accord on Human Cloning and Human Species-Alteration," featuring presentations by CGS staff and associates Richard Hayes, Evelyne Shuster and Rosario Isasi, will be held on Friday, Nov. 1. Joining them will be Joachim Schemel, First Secretary, Task Force on Environmental and Biopolitical Issues, German Foreign Ministry and an initiator of the proposed UN treaty banning human cloning.

Side meetings for participants interested in building an international network of professionals in support of socially inclusive human genetics policies are planned.

For more information see http://www.bioethicscongress.org.br or contact CGS at Contact us.


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