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UN Treaty to Ban Human Reproductive Cloning

Genetic Crossroads
September 18th, 2002

1. UN Meeting and Briefing

The United Nations committee negotiating an international ban on human reproductive cloning will hold its second meeting September 23-27 in New York City. The proposed treaty was initiated by France and Germany and has received widespread support. Its success would be of vital importance in itself, and could also set a precedent for future policy concerning other human genetic technologies.

On Tuesday, Sept. 24 the Center for Genetics and Society, Global Lawyers and Physicians, and the Center for International Environmental Law are hosting a briefing on the proposed cloning treaty for NGO leaders and UN delegates. For information contact Jonathan Polansky at Contact us.

2. In-depth Analysis

The first detailed analysis of the need for an international treaty banning reproductive cloning -- and inheritable genetic modification as well -- has been prepared by George J. Annas, Lori B. Andrews and Rosario M. Isasi. Their paper, "Protecting the Endangered Human: Toward an International Treaty Prohibiting Cloning and Inheritable Alterations," American Journal Of Law & Medicine (Vol. 28, no. 2,3, pp. 151-178) is available online at http://www.bumc.bu.edu/www/sph/lw/pdfs/protecting.pdf.

3. Tiempos del Mundo Report

A special report on human cloning and the proposed UN treaty has been published by one of the most widely read Spanish-language publications in the world, Tiempos del Mundo. The article features CGS associate Rosario Isasi of the University of Toronto. Isasi states, "Notwithstanding the immense problems that Latin American countries are currently facing, … the issue of human cloning should be one of our priorities. The time to act is now, because if we put these issues on the 'stand-by list'; soon after will be too late. We have to include it in the agenda of both the government and the civil society." See: Pedro F. Frisneda, "Clonación Humana: Una Lucha Contra el Tiempo," ("Human Cloning: A Struggle Against Time") Tiempos del Mundo, September 5-11, 2002. Available online at http://www.genetics-and-society.org/espanol/20020905_tiempos_frisneda.html

For additional background on the proposed United Nations cloning treaty, see http://www.genetics-and-society.org/policies/international/un.html.


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