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Two Important Events

Genetic Crossroads
August 12th, 2002

1. United Nations Treaty to Ban Human Cloning
- Special NGO Leadership Briefing, Tues, Sept. 24, New York

In September United Nations delegates will gather to commence
negotiations on a treaty to ban human reproductive cloning.
If successful this treaty will mark the first time that the
nations of the world have acted together to prohibit a technology
of human genetic modification. The success or failure of the
treaty will set an important precedent for responsible social
governance of other dangerous genetic and reproductive technologies
now looming on the horizon.

The Center for Genetics and Society, along with Global Lawyers
and Physicians, is organizing a briefing on the global challenge
of the new human genetic technologies and the importance of
the UN treaty. Speakers will include:

Baird, former Chair, Canadian Royal Commission on the New Reproductive

McGraw, Executive Director, Center for International Environmental

Rotania, Executive Director, Ser Mulher, Women's Study and Action
Center, Brazil

Annas, Chair, Boston University Department of Health Law and
co-founder, Global Lawyers and Physicians

If you are interested in attending the briefing for NGO leaders
(Sept. 24, 9:30-11:30 am), please contact Lindsay Smith at CGS
at Contact us.

Advocates of reproductive cloning and the new techno-eugenics
have already begun organizing to oppose the UN treaty. See the
statement by the Human Cloning Foundation at http://www.humancloning.org/unitedna.htm

2. World Congress on Bioethics - Special
Session: "Towards an International Ethical, Social and
Political Accord on Human Cloning and Human Species-Alteration"
Fri., Nov. 1, 5:00-7:00 pm, Brasilia, Brazil.

On Friday Nov. 1 the Center for Genetics and Society will present
a special program at the World Congress on Bioethics on the
challenges of the new human genetic technologies and the political
and policy actions needed to address them. Topics to be addressed

Ethical, Social and Political Challenge of the New Human Genetic

United Nations Treaty to Ban Human Reproductive Cloning: Prospects
and Implications

the Civil Society Deficit and Engaging New Constituencies

We intend this special session to involve participants from
Asia, Africa, Latin-America, North America, Europe and elsewhere
committed to building international support for responsible
social governance of the new human genetic technologies.

For information on attending the World Congress on Bioethics,
see: http://www.bioethicscongress.org.br.
If you are considering attending and would like to be involved
in CGS activities, please contact Lindsay Smith at CGS at Contact


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