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World Watch Magazine Special Issue: "Beyond Cloning: The Risk of Rushing into Human Genetic Engineering"

Genetic Crossroads
July 11th, 2002

The July-August World Watch is a special issue devoted to the challenges posed by the new human genetic technologies. World Watch is published by the Worldwatch Institute, which authors the well-known State of the World Report.

This special issue of World Watch is the most ambitious recent journalistic treatment of the new species-altering human genetic technologies. Articles include:

Brian Halweil and Dick Bell: "Beyond Cloning: The Larger Agenda of Human Engineering"
Richard Hayes: "The Science and Politics of Genetically Modified Humans"
Pat Mooney: "Making Well People 'Better'"
Paul R. Billings: "A Medical Geneticist's View"
Nadine Gordimer: "A New Racism"
Sarah Sexton: "Deceptive Promises of Cures for Disease"
Michael Dorsey: "The New Eugenics"
Vandana Shiva: "Biopirates and the Poor"
Judith Levine: "What Human Genetic Modification Means for Women"
Francis Fukuyama: "In Defense of Nature, Human and Non-Human"
Rosario Isasi: "The Human Rights Perspective"
Tom Athanasiou and Marcy Darnovsky: "The Genome as a Commons"
Brian Halweil: "The War of Words and Images"
Bill McKibben: "Why Environmentalists Should be Concerned"

The first half of the magazine is available online at: http://www.worldwatch.org/mag/ (registration required).

World Watch is promoting the issue and encouraging print and web publications to run reprints. For information on reprinting articles or on ordering extra issues please visit: http://www.worldwatch.org/about/reprint.html.


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