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Genetic Crossroads
June 12th, 2002

1. Welcome to new staff - CGS is proud
to welcome:

Rosario Isasi, Program Associate, holds a JD from Pontifical
Catholic University of Peru and just completed her MPH at the
Boston University School of Public Health. She has been active in human rights, immigration, care for survivors
of torture, mental health and other work in Peru, the US and
internationally. She will be working to build support for the
United Nations international convention banning human reproductive
cloning, and for other efforts.

Lindsay Smith, Special Projects Associate, majored in Anthropology
and Psychology at Rice University. Her award-winning senior
thesis, The Shifting Standard of Proof: DNA Evidence in the
Criminal Justice System, examined the impact of DNA evidence
on cultural notions of truth and justice. She begins doctoral
studies this fall in Cultural Anthropology at Harvard University,
where she will research genetic technology transfer from industrialized
nations to less industrialized nations and its potential to
reinscribe colonial relationships.

2. New web page - Public Opinion on Human
Genetic Technologies

The CGS web site now contains the most extensive on-line inventory
of public opinion surveys addressing the new human genetic technologies.
The results of twenty-three surveys including over 260 separate
survey questions on cloning and inheritable genetic modification
were compiled and summarized by CGS Operations and Development
Director Jesse Reynolds. See http://www.genetics-and-society.org/politics/opinion/index.html.

3. Job Announcement: Communications Director

The Center is looking for a top-flight Communications Director
to work out of our Oakland, CA headquarters. The Communications
Director will help develop an overall strategy to increase awareness
of the social and political implications of the new human genetic
and reproductive technologies, and of the need for responsible
societal governance. See http://www.genetics-and-society.org/jobs.html.


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