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Scientists Boycott Conference Organized by Human Cloning Advocate

Genetic Crossroads
October 3rd, 2001

Scientists and fertility experts withdrew from a conference when they learned that it was being organized by Severino Antinori, the Italian fertility doctor who has garnered headlines with his announced plan to clone human children.

The original sponsor of the conference, the Association of Private Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinics and Laboratories (known as APART), suspended Dr. Antinori's membership in the organization and cut its ties with the meeting.

Among those who decided not to attend the conference were Ian Wilmut, one of the scientists involved in cloning the sheep known as Dolly, and Dr. Anne McLaren, a member of the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. Wilmut told BBC News Online, "I accepted the invite in order to explain why human reproductive cloning would be dangerous. APART have now withdrawn and so have I."


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