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Genetic Crossroads
June 21st, 2001

1. ** New Human Genetic Engineering Listserv

A new listserv on human genetic engineering is dedicated to
news and

information on cloning, germline modification, stem cell research,

other aspects of human genetic engineering. To subscribe, type:

subscribe human-ge

in the body of a message addressed to <[email protected]>.

2. Database of Global Policies on Human
Cloning and Germline Engineering

Now on the Web

A comprehensive and up-to-date listing of national and international

legislation on human cloning and germline engineering is now

at the website of Global Lawyers and Physicians for Human Rights,


The database was prepared by Rosario Isasi, JD, Health Law
Dept, Boston

University School of Public Health. Comments and suggestions

3. Greenpeace Website Lists Patent Applications
for Human Embryos

Greenpeace Germany, with the support of the organization "Kein
Patent auf

Leben!" ("No Patents on Life!"), reviewed more
than a thousand patent

applications filed in 1999 and 2000 at the European Patent Office

Among the results: Two patents involving human embryos have
already been

granted by the EPO, one to the University of Edinburgh and the
other to

the Australian company Amrad.

The study also revealed at least ten more patent applications

human embryos; nine that refer to germ cell manipulation, including

germ cells; ten that cover human-animal-chimera-embryos; and
more than

30 for methods that could be used to genetically modify or clone

Thanks to Florianne Koechlin, Blueridge Institute,

More info: <www.greenpeace.org>.

4. "Why We Should Ban Human Cloning
Now" by Leon Kass

"Why We Should Ban Human Cloning Now: Preventing a Brave
New World,"

The New Republic, 17 May 2001. An eloquent article by a social

conservative. <www.thenewrepublic.com/052101/kass052101_print.html>

5. "Altered Genes" Second Edition

"Altered Genes II: The Future?," edited by Richard
Hindmarsh and Geoffrey

Lawrence. Twelve essays from Australia and New Zealand; introduction

David Suzuki. This revised edition of the 1998 anthology that
sold out

in six months offers an up-to-date account of the ethical, social,

ecological issues arising from biotechnology and genetic engineering.

Available in North America from Paul & Company Publishers

Inc. (For orders 800-888-4741; other inquiries 312-337-0747;

<[email protected]>). Available elsewhere from Scribe

(tel 03 9349 5955; fax 03 9348 2752; email <[email protected]>.


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