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Canada Calls for Global Bans on Human Cloning, Germline Modification

Genetic Crossroads
June 21st, 2001

Canada Calls for Global Bans on Human Cloning, Germline Modification

At recent international meetings, senior Canadian officials have called
for global bans on human cloning, germline modification, and several
other genetic and reproductive practices. Canada is now considering a
national law that would ban human cloning, germline alteration, gender
selection, animal-human hybrids, the creation of embryos solely for the
purpose of research, and commercial surrogacy.

Speaking to the World Health Assembly on May 15, Health Minister Allan
Rock called for an international cloning ban. The Assembly is the UN
body that sets the programs of the World Health Organization. Rock
characterized cloning as one of a number of unethical reproductive
practices that are "inconsistent with human dignity and integrity."
He recommended that individual governments address these issues through
domestic legislation but added that "a collective international effort
is also necessary" to prevent "reproductive tourism." Rock said
reaction to the proposal was very positive.

At the June meeting of the G8 science ministers where demonstrators
marched to protest human cloning, Canadian Secretary of State for
Science, Research and Development Gilbert Normand said Canada would
take the lead in convincing G8 members that human cloning should be
prohibited worldwide. He also spoke against intellectual property
rights to information on the human genome.

More info: <http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/media/speeches/14may2001mine.htm>


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