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Genetic Crossroads
May 16th, 2001

1. Beyond Biodevastation 2001, San Diego, June

"The Fifth Grassroots Gathering to Celebrate Biodiversity and

Genetic Engineering" will feature speakers, panels, and workshops

the genetic engineering of plants, animals, and humans; as well as

protests targeting the June 24-27 convention of BIO, the Biotechnology

Industry Organization.

Registration is underway and is requested by June 7 (June 1 for help

with arranging housing or child care). Information about schedule,

speakers, and registration is available at <http://www.biodev.org>.

2. Redesigning Life: The Worldwide Challenge
to Genetic Engineering

The anthology Redesigning Life (Brian Tokar, ed. Zed Books: 2001)

now available in the US and the UK. A Canadian edition from McGill-

Queens University Press and an Australian edition from Scribe

Publications will be available shortly.

The book is divided into four sections: Our Health, Our Food and

Environment; Medical Genetics, Science and Human Rights; Patents,

Corporate Power, and the Theft of Knowledge; The Worldwide Resistance

to Genetic Engineering.

Contributors include Vandana Shiva, Martha Crouch, Hope Shand, Beth

Burrows, Jack Kloppenburg, Ricarda Steinbrecher, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz,

Marcy Darnovsky, David King, Michael Dorsey, Sarah Sexton, Chaia Heller,

Barbara Katz Rothman, Alix Fano, Zoe C. Meleo-Erwin, Mitchel Cohen,

Kimberly Wilson, Steve Emmott, Thomas Schweiger, and others.


3. Made Not Born: The Troubling World of Biotechnology

The anthology Made Not Born (Casey Walker, ed. Sierra Club Books:

is now in its second printing.

Contributors include Wendell Berry, Chris Desser, Stuart Newman,

Loy, Marti Crouch, Andrew Kimbrell, Jack Turner, Richard Hayes,

Catherine Keller, Richard Strohman, Freeman House, Kristin Dawkins,

Martin Teitel, and David Petersen. <www.WildDuckReview.com>


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