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"Next Step for Science" and "Shaping Things to Come"

Genetic Crossroads
May 16th, 2001

1. James Watson on the "Next Step for Science"

James Watson has reiterated his support for human germline engineering in
an article in the UK Independent titled "Fixing the human embryo is the
next step for science." "I strongly favour controlling our children's
genetic destinies," Watson writes. A lead story in the newspaper agreed
(April 16). <http://www.independent.co.uk/story.jsp?story=66804>

Commenting on these articles, the British weekly on-line publication
BioNews, which is sponsored by AstraZeneca, editorialized that the
"worst outcome would not be a future of genetic underclasses or designer
babies, but one where genetic science has failed to develop because of
our fear of how it might be abused." (BioNews #103, April 17,

2. Extropy Institute Conference, San Jose, June 15-17

Proponents of a post-human and techno-eugenic future will gather at
"Extro-5 Conference: Shaping Things to Come." According to a press
release written by Extropy Institute head Max More, "Strident voices
and legislation threaten to hold back progress in biotech, information
technology, the spread of open markets, and the development of
technologies that could cure age-old ailments, extend our lives and
augment our capabilities." <http://www.extropy.org/ex5/extro5.htm>



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