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Genetic Crossroads
February 21st, 2001

January 12: World's First GM Monkey Brings Prospect of "GE Humans" Closer.

(date) Disastrous Step For Mankind
Tonight, the House of Lords must decide whether to approve legislation
to allow human cloning for therapeutic purposes: a decision that may
prove momentous, not only for this country but also for the human race.

January 22: Is ANDi a Miracle or a Monster?
Roger Scruton is Britain's best known writer on philosophy and a former
professor at Birkbeck College, London, and Boston University. "I have
this horrible vision of a future in which there are no young people any
more, except those manufactured by the bionic geriatrics who control

January 26: Italian, US Scientists Unveil Human Cloning Effort
CHICAGO (Reuters) - An international group of reproductive experts
plans to launch a serious effort to clone humans to provide children
to infertile couples.

January 28: Cloning Advances Outrace Regulators
WASHINGTON (UPI)--Rapid advances in the fields of embryology, genomics,
and in-vitro fertilization and genetic screening have increased chances
that a human clone will be born in the coming months. Will Washington
take regulatory aim?

January 29: The business of playing God
By MARTIN HUTCHINSON, UPI Business and Economics Editor
WASHINGTON (UPI)--[L]et us set aside the ethical issues for a moment,
and consider the potential business of playing God. How big will it be,
and what will be its characteristics? In Part 1, I look at the market
for cloning itself; Part 2. . .will examine the markets for genetic
manipulation and de novo creation of life.

January 30: Cloned human planned 'by 2003'
BBC News--Panos Zavos: The world must "come to grips with cloning."

January 31: Human cloning plans spark uproar
Plans by doctors to clone the first human being have been blasted by one
of the world's top experts in animal cloning, who warned of a high risk
that the child may die prematurely or endure life as a cripple.

February2: Japan_Issues_Warning_To_Scientists_On_Human_Cloning_Project
TOKYO (AP)--Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori instructed his science minister
Friday to take steps to prevent Japanese researchers and doctors from
participating in an international project to clone human beings.

February2: Canada Cult Aims to Clone Dead Child
NEW YORK (Reuters Health)--High-tech fertility technology will merge with
an "X-Files" plot Sunday, February 4, when the New York Times Magazine
devotes its cover to the Raelians, a Canada-based cult that claims it is
well on its way to cloning the first human.

February4: Australian Scientist Horrified at Human Clone Plan
Two international medical scientists are trying to lure Victoria's top
reproductive scientist, Alan Trounson, into a taboo-busting project aimed
at cloning the first human being. Trounson's reply: "I'm sure they would
like anybody who would add credibility to the team to go on it. No way.
No way!"

February5: Humans May Be Cloned `Sooner Than Anybody Thinks'
By Cheryl K. Chumley CNS Staff Writer

February 6: Are We Becoming Desensitized to Idea of Cloning?
By Cheryl K. Chumley, CNS Staff Writer

February7: Cloning's real cost is human dignity

February7: Quests build to clone humans
The Christian Science Monitor--Cloning humans is banned in 23 countries.
But scientists are pushing the technology forward.

February8: Cloning Cult Opens Door to Brave New World

February8: Romania Bans Human Cloning
BUCHAREST (Monitorul Online) Yesterday, deputies decided to forbid human
cloning in Romania, by passing a draft bill which ratified the European
Convention concerning the protection of the human rights and that of the
human being's dignity.

February10: `Designer' Humans' only 30 years away
Genetically modified human beings will exist within 30 years, an eminent
scientist predicted yesterday. Dr Francis Collins, a leader of the project
to decode the human genome, said mankind would inevitably start tinkering
with its genetic make-up to "take control of evolution."

February10: French President Wants Ban on Human Cloning
LYONS, France--French President Jacques Chirac criticized Britain's
decision last month to let scientists clone human embryos for medical
research, and called for an international ban on the practice. Therapeutic
cloning, Chirac said, "leads to the creation of embryos for the purposes
of research and the production of cells and, in spite of the ban, makes
reproductive cloning practically possible and leads to the risk of
trafficking in eggs."


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