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Genetic Crossroads
February 21st, 2001

1. "Globalization and Technology"
Conference, NYC, Sat-Sun February 24-25

This major conference at Hunter College features 40 speakers and

workshops. Saturday night's plenary and sessions on Sunday will address

human genetic engineering. A special session on Sunday will focus

the situation regarding human cloning and what needs to be done.

Sponsors: International Forum on Globalization, New York Open Center,

International Center for Technology Assessment, Turning Point Project,

Lapis Magazine, The Nation Institute. Schedule & logistics: <www.ifg.org>.

2. "Race, Biotech and Eugenics in the New
Global Millennium," NYC, February 25

From the session announcement: "It is our belief that the nature
and pace

of biotechnological developments demand attention from progressive

of color. Certain biotechnologies have such power to affect society

so little democratic input in their development, that their development

must be prudently slowed or stopped until such measures are in place.

Most progressive people of color will recognize the eugenic implications

of these technologies. The history of racism and eugenics in the U.S.A.

call people of color and conscience to be extremely skeptical of what

is now euphemistically called `genetic enhancements.'"

Sunday February 25, 2-4 pm, Hunter College West Room 604. (Runs concurrently

with the Globalization and Technology Conference.)

Organized by Jose Morales, PhD, Director, Public Interest Biotechnology.

Other sponsors: National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, Black Radical

Congress (NY Metro chapter), Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence.

3. UC Berkeley Events Address Human Genetic
Manipulation, March 12 & 14

Mon March12, 4-5 pm, "Today, Genetically Modified Food. Tomorrow,

Genetically Modified Humans? The Case Against Cloning and Designing

Children." Sponsored by Department of Environmental Science Policy

Management. Speakers from the Exploratory Initiative on the New Human

Genetic Technologies. 159 Mulford Hall, UC Berkeley.

Wed March14, 3-6 pm, "Ethics, Genetic Technology, and Social

Responsibility in the 21st Century." Panelists: Charles Weiner,

Visiting Professor UC Berkeley; Paul Billings, GeneSage and Council

for Responsible Genetics; Diane Beeson, CA State University Hayward;

Marcy Darnovsky, Exploratory Initiative on the New Human Genetic

Technologies. Townsend Center for the Humanities, Geballe Room,

220 Stephens Hall, UC Berkeley.


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