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Supporters of Human Cloning Press Ahead

Genetic Crossroads
September 19th, 2000

Italy is one of the numerous countries that has banned human cloning.
But Italian infertility expert Dr. Severino Antinori, whom the Boston
Globe has called "perhaps the best-credentialed cloning enthusiast,"
said in an August interview that he wants to offer cloning to men who
have no sperm. (Richard Saltus, "Are we getting closer to cloning
humans?" Boston Globe, 9/5/00, <http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/

In another media interview, Antinori said that support for reproductive
cloning is growing among fertility experts. "Now, it's not taboo to use
cloning in some cases--not like two years ago," he said. Antinori noted
that when international fertility experts meet in September, cloning as
a fertility treatment will be on the agenda for the first time. (Emma
Ross, "Human cloning: Misguided hype or imminent certainty?," August 12,
2000, <http://www.foxnews.com/world/0812/i_ap_0812_39.sml>.)

Clonaid, the company formed by the UFO-oriented religious group called
the Raelians, said in an August 23 press release that it was ready to
clone a 10 month-old child who had died because of medical malpractice,
and whose parents were willing to pay the cost of the attempt. Clonaid
also announced that it would "present" the women whom it had chosen as
surrogate mothers at a September 21 press conference in Montreal.

"I don't think it should cost more than $500,000," Clonaid scientific
director Brigitte Boisselier told the Boston Globe. Boisselier said
that Clonaid has four scientists on its team, and "a list of about 100
people wanting to be cloned," but is still seeking an existing lab, or
a place to build one, in a country where cloning is not outlawed. See
the Ross and Saltus articles listed above and <http://www.clonaid.com>.


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