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British Medical Experts Predict Human Cloning Despite Strong Public

Genetic Crossroads
September 19th, 2000

A survey of 32 British scientists and doctors conducted in August by
The Independent newspaper found that more than half predict attempts
to clone a human being within 20 years "if the technical and safety
issues could be overcome." One fertility doctor said, "The equipment
needed for cloning is simple and cheap, and, whether it is approved
of or not, it will happen. It is unstoppable."

Many respondents "emphasised that although they believe [human cloning]
would happen, they personally hoped that it would not." Some experts
believe, in the words of Edinburgh scientist Austin Smith, that it will
not be "possible to address the technical and safety issues involved." See

Polls continue to show vehement public opposition to human cloning in
the UK and the US. An August study in the US found an overwhelming 78
percent of respondents against the cloning of human beings. Sixty-four
percent opposed embryo cloning. See <http://www.worldnetdaily.com/


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