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The New Politics of Human Genetics: A Comment and a Request

Genetic Crossroads
August 4th, 2000

Since the announcement in June of a "working draft" of the human genome,

hardly a day has passed without a report about some new development in
genetic technology, business, or policy. When this newsletter was begun
not quite a year ago, references to human genetic technologies in the
popular media—and in everyday conversation—were few and far between.
Now they are commonplace.

Social, political, and financial momentum are fast gathering behind the
increasing technical powers and cultural clout of genetic scientists.
The coming months and few years are a critical juncture for efforts to
shape public discussion and policy on the new human genetics—and to
ensure that these technologies be developed in ways that foster democracy,
justice, ecological soundness, and human dignity.

We will continue to publish summaries of and pointers to developments
regarding the social and political dimensions of the new human genetic
and reproductive technologies, and would welcome your help in tracking
them. We are most interested in items that inform our opposition to
human germline engineering and human cloning, and our support for
effective social oversight of other human genetic and reproductive
technologies. Please send items to Marcy Darnovsky at Contact us.


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