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"Enhancing the Human" symposium with Gregory Stock, Peter Sloterdijk,
Daniel Kevles, Paul Billings, Gregory Benford; UCLA, May 21

Genetic Crossroads
May 10th, 2000

A half-day symposium, co-organized by Gregory Stock's Program on

Medicine, Technology and Society and by the Goethe-Institut, is titled
"Enhancing the Human: Genomics, Science Fiction, and Ethics Collide."

Stock, a leading figure in the campaign advocating human germline
engineering, will moderate and deliver the keynote, "Future Human
Evolution: Reflections on the Challenges Ahead." For more on Stock's
Program, see <http://research.mednet.ucla.edu/pmts/>.

Peter Sloterdijk is the post-humanist German philosopher who has
stirred anger with his talk of "human breeding," the "human zoo,"
"steering reproduction," and "selektion," a German word that connotes
Nazi death camp procedures. Sloterdijk's UCLA talk is titled "The
Operable Human: Comments on the Ethical Dimension of Gen Technology."
For coverage of the Sloterdijk controversy, see "Anger as Philosopher
Revives Vocabulary of Third Reich,"

Paul Billings of the Council for Responsible Genetics and GeneSage
will present "Zeus's Revenge: Myths, Moxie and Human Genetic
Enhancement." Historian of science Daniel Kevles' talk is titled
"Brave New Biologies: The Dream of Eugenics." Physicist and science
fiction writer Gregory Benford will speak on "Freedom and Franchise:
The Argument Against Control."

The symposium will take place Sunday, May 21, 1 pm to 6 pm, Room 100,
Moore Hall, UCLA. Free and open to the public. For reservations,
which are recommended, call 323-525-3388. For symposium info, see
<http://www.goethe.de/uk/los/enpkonf.htm> or


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