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"Rethinking ELSI," Harvard University, May 15-16

Genetic Crossroads
May 10th, 2000

A workshop titled "Rethinking ELSI: Science and Social Responsibility

in the Post-Genomic Age" will be held May 15-16, 2000 at the John F.
Kennedy School of Government, Taubman Dining Room, Harvard University.
It is open to all.

The workshop "reconsiders the ethical, legal and social implications
(ELSI) of genetics as the Human Genome Project (HGP) comes to a close…[T]his new area of science and technology poses novel challenges to
existing ethical practices. In particular, post-genomic research and
development raises issues of expertise, representation, consent,
property and identity that apply more to populations and groups
than to individuals."

Speakers include:

o Debra Harry, Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism,
"Biocolonialism: Indigenous Peoples Face a New Wave of Colonialism
with Human Genetic Research"
o Richard Hayes, Exploratory Initiative on the New Human Genetic
Technologies, "The Challenge of Germline Modification to Human
Identity and Social Welfare, and What Needs to be Done."

Info: <http://ksgnotes1.harvard.edu/bcsia/stpp.nsf/web/rethinkingelsi>


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