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International Network on Bioethics and Disability

Genetic Crossroads
February 4th, 2000

This discussion group addresses many important topics regarding

the new human genetic technologies, from the perspective of
disabled people, and in general.

"Aim: Our aim is to form a worldwide network for the following
goals: 1) To increase the knowledge among disabled people of
bioethical issues. 2) To increase the dialog between disabled
people and members of other marginalized groups on bioethical
issues. 3) To increase the dialog between the marginalized and
`non marginalized' groups on bioethical issues. 4) To increase
the visibility of disabled people and other marginalized groups
in the field of bioethics and science in general with the hope
of promoting greater participation in decision-making processes
and decision-making bodies related to bioethical issues and
science in general. The coordinators are Christopher Newell
(Australia) and Gregor Wolbring (Canada)."

To subscribe, email <[email protected]>.

For more info contact: Dr. Gregor Wolbring, Department of
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Calgary.
Phone 1-403-220-5448; email <[email protected]>;
website <http://www.thalidomide.ca/gwolbring>.


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