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Genetic Crossroads
December 26th, 1999

1. Hudson Institute briefing on human
genetic engineering

On December 12, the Hudson Institute hosted an elite gathering,

including former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, for a

on the "long run impact of the human biotechnology revolution."

The presenter, Steven Sailer of the Human Biodiversity Institute,

suggested that "progressive pressure groups" may try
to ban human

genetic engineering but will fail; then, to prevent a crisis

inequality, they could flip 180 degrees and try to mandate

"politically correct" human genetic engineering. He
argues that

China, with less scruples, will simply compete straight-forwardly

for superiority:

"If China uses genetic enhancements while the West either
bans them

or pursues a politically correct re-engineering of human nature,

inevitable result within a few generations would be Chinese

and thus military, global hegemony. The weapons scientist and

evolutionary theorist Gregory Cochran points out that `We cannot

out of this biological arms race any more than we could opt
out of

the nuclear arms race. Thus, those serious about either preventing

or mandating genetic engineering should start planning a pre-emptive

nuclear strike on China…soon.'"

Sailer illustrates his argument with a colorful slide of a

bomb explosion.

For a text of the Hudson Institute presentation, see


2. Novartis Foundation invites eugenicist
Arthur Jensen to speak

People Against Eugenics (PAE) are protesting the invitation
by the

Novartis Foundation to have eugenicist Arthur Jensen address

scientific meeting in London on intelligence.

David King of PAE said: "It is vital that we resist the

return of eugenics. On the eve of a new millennium we are facing

two threats: the increasing acceptance of old fashioned eugenics,

like Jensen's, and the proliferation of genetic technology,

unrestrained by either law or ethics. It is time to take a stand."

For more information: People Against Eugenics, PO Box 6313,

N16 0DY. Phone: 44 (0)181 809 4513; fax: 44 (0)171 502 7516.

3. "The Ethics and Politics of Germline
Engineering" workshop

materials available

Copies of the notes and other materials used at the December

workshop held at UC Berkeley are available from Marcy Darnovsky

at Contact us. The workshop
covered the history of eugenic

politics, the "formal" ethical debate over human genetic

modification, the deeper political issues at stake, the sources

of the new techno-eugenic ideology, and more.


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