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February 21 AAAS Symposium: "Changing Our Genetic Future Through
Germline Intervention" (Washington DC)

Genetic Crossroads
December 26th, 1999

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is

preparing a set of "recommendations" concerning human germline
engineering, and will report on them at a symposium at the AAAS
annual meeting in Washington, DC.

The committee preparing the recommendations is heavily weighted with
persons who are sympathetic to human germline engineering. (We'll
provide details in the next newsletter.)

The AAAS description of the report (see URL below) says, "The final
phase of the project will be a report that discusses the issues and
makes a series of recommendations. AAAS plans to disseminate widely
a print form of the report, to place the text on its World Wide Web
site, and to hold briefings for Congress, the press, the scientific
and medical communities, and the religious community in order to
encourage wide public dialogue."

The February 21 symposium panel consists of:

Theodore Friedmann, UCSD; Director, Human Gene Therapy Program
"Technical Prospects for Human Germline Gene Transfer"
Angela N. Nunley, Howard University College of Medicine
Jill Russ, Smithsonian
Michael Blaese, Kimeragen, Inc. "Medical Rationale for Germline
Eric T. Juengst, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
"Framing a Bioethics Perspective on Human Germline Intervention"
Claudia Mickelson, MIT; Chair, Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee
"Regulatory Framework for Oversight of Human Germline
Audrey R. Chapman, AAAS and Mark S. Frankel, AAAS "Developing
Policy for Human Germline Intervention"

More information on the AAAS germline project can be found at
For more information on the AAAS annual meeting, see


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