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January 27 California State Human Cloning Advisory Committee

Genetic Crossroads
December 26th, 1999

Childrens' Hospital of Northern California, 5700 Martin Luther King
Jr. Way, Oakland, CA, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Public comments at 2:30.

Few Californians are aware that the State has appointed a Human
Cloning Advisory Committee to recommend state policy on human cloning.

Incredibly, the committee appears to be supportive of the cloning of
human beings as a form of reproduction. At the two meetings held
thus far, no committee members have spoken against human cloning;
the discussion seems focused on finding ways to justify it.

At the January 27 meeting, presentations will be heard from four
invited guests:

Patricia Baird, MD, Medical Genetics Department, University of
British Columbia
John Robertson, JD, School of Law, University of Texas
Alta Charo, JD, University of Wisconsin School of Law
James Warner, Professor of Ethical Studies, Loma Linda University

We will have more information about the California Cloning Committee
in our next issue.


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