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Time magazine provides forum for designer baby advocates

Genetic Crossroads
November 21st, 1999

The November 8, 1999 special issue of Time Magazine is titled

"Beyond 2000." This compendium of pop-futurology articles provides
a forum for designer-baby advocates Lee Silver and Matt Ridley to
assert that germline enhancement and human cloning are inevitable.
Ridley argues that by 2025, "Many human beings, especially those who
are rich, vain and ambitious, will be using test tubes…to clone
themselves and tinker with their genes….[F]ew doubt that it will
be feasible to clone a person by 2025."

Lee Silver spins out a marketing plan for consumer eugenics. He
tells the tale of a hypothetical fertility clinic that, in 2025,
begins to advertise for "Organic Enhancement." "The response was
immediate and enormous," Silver writes. "The market for organic
enhancement of newly fertilized embryos quickly overtook
infertility treatment."

Ridley's article can be found at


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