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John Horgan calls techno-eugenic predictions "irresponsible"

Genetic Crossroads
November 21st, 1999

In his new book, The Undiscovered Mind: How the Human Brain

Defies Replications, Medication and Explanation (New York:

The Free Press, 1999), John Horgan writes

"The Princeton geneticist Lee Silver cranked up the rhetoric

even higher in his 1997 book, Remaking Eden. Silver prophesied

that genetic engineering might one day divide humanity into

separate species: the Genrich class, which can afford genetic

engineering, and the Natural class, which cannot. The Genrich

class will be supremely talented intellectually and athletically,

free of physical and mental illness, and possibly even immortal.

"These utopian (dystopian?) predictions are ludicrous—and,

from leading geneticists, irresponsible—given the track

of behavioral genetics thus far" (p. 161).


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