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Genetic Crossroads
September 10th, 1999

Briefing paper on "The Threat of the New Human Techno-

Eugenics," by Rich Hayes. 8 pages. Available from

GeneWatch, the newsletter of the Council for Responsible
Genetics, has just published an excellent special issue
(August 1999) on human cloning. Subscription information:
CRG, 5 Upland Road, Suite 3, Cambridge, MA 02140. Phone:
617-868-0870. Individual subscriptions (6 issues) are $24.

Wild Duck Review special issue on biotechnology, with
detailed discussion of human genetic technologies. For
information about copies, email Casey Walker, editor, at
[email protected]

For the best recent short statement in a prestigious
medical journal against human germline engineering, see
"Human Germline Gene Modification: A Dissent," Paul
Billings, Ruth Hubbard, and Stuart Newman. The Lancet
Vol 353 Number 9167, 29 May 1999.

Notes on the first two meetings of the California Cloning
Committee, including testimony from Paul Billings of Council
for Responsible Genetics. Available from Rich Hayes,
Contact us.

ABC News "Nightline in Primetime" aired a special on human
cloning on August 19, 1999. Anchor Ted Koppel and correspondent
Robert Krulwich joined featured guest Lee Silver in endorsing
human genetic enhancement. A 5-page summary is available from
Marcy Darnovsky, Contact us. Video copies and transcripts are
available from ABC News (abcnews.com), which also has a web site
based on the special at http://abcnews.go.com/onair/popoff/bnw .

A list of recent books on the new human genetic technologies
is available from Marcy Darnovsky, Contact us.

Notes on the acquisition by Geron, a Menlo Park biotech
company, of Roslin Bio-Med and the nuclear transfer technology
used to create Dolly, the cloned sheep. 2 pages. Available
from Marcy Darnovsky, Contact us.


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