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Genetic Crossroads
September 10th, 1999

Please join us to discuss the best next steps toward organizing

opposition to techno-eugenics. We'll devote time both to

conceptualizing a political framework for this effort, and

to nuts-and-bolts planning for future events. We'll consider

the possibility of a day-long conference before the end of the

calendar year.

Tuesday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m., in the offices of the

Energy and Resources Group, 387 Barrows Hall, on the south

side of the UC Berkeley campus, just east of Sproul Hall.

(Email Rich Hayes for more detailed directions.)

We'll provide coffee, tea, and dessert.

Please let us know that you're planning to attend.

The meeting will begin with very brief updates on recent

developments, including:

- the California State Advisory Committee on Human Cloning,

and an activist protest against it in San Diego

- the meaning of the media coverage of the so-called "smart

mouse" —including Time's cover story on "the
IQ gene"

- James Grifo's effort at NYU to create babies with three

genetic parents

- a conference held at UC Berkeley by the Extropians, a

group organizing in support of human germline enhancement,

cloning, and cryogenics

- the ABC Nightline special on human cloning

- the "BioDevastation 3" grassroots conference in


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