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Genetic Crossroads
September 10th, 1999

This is the first edition of the Techno-Eugenics Email List.

As far as we know, it's the only list focused on the politics

of the new human genetic and reproductive technologies.

We support biotechnology in the public interest. We oppose

policies and biotechnologies—including human germline

engineering and human cloning—that foster inequality,

discrimination, objectification, and the commodification

of human genes and tissues.

The pace of developments has picked up considerably in the

past several months. And glimmers of opposition are starting

to emerge. But most Americans—including most activists

academics—have no idea that a small group of influential

scientists have launched a campaign to promote germline

engineering, human cloning, and a techno-eugenic future.

We've begun working to change that situation: to alert the

public about the new technologies and the techno-eugenic vision;

to educate environmental, social justice, women's health, public

health, and other groups; and to create organized opposition.

TEEL will consist largely of announcements about relevant

events (especially in California), brief updates on important

developments, and pointers to useful information.

For at least the next several months, TEEL will be irregular

(a couple times a month), informal, and non-automated. We'd

welcome feedback, and suggestions about focus and format.

A web site will be coming soon.

Marcy Darnovsky will moderate. Send her submissions at the

email address below.

This first edition is being sent to people with whom we've

been in contact about human cloning, germline engineering,

genetic enhancement, and related issues.

Let us know if you don't want to receive TEEL—we won't

be hurt. On the other hand, feel free to pass TEEL on to

others who may be interested in becoming involved, and

encourage them to subscribe. No obligations!

Marcy Darnovsky Rich Hayes


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