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December 14th, 2006

bullet January 5, 2007, New Delhi, India: CGS program director Sujatha Jesudason will present on "Powerful Reproductive and Genetic Technologies in an Unjust World: Envisioning a Path to Just" at the National Consultation on New Reproductive Technologies and their Implications for Women at Jewarharlal Nehru University. Funded by the Indian government, this is a national gathering to discuss and debate the implications of the rapidly developing biotechnology industry and the new advances in reproductive technologies and research in India and with a specific focus on the health and reproductive rights of Indian women.

bullet December 12, Mexico City, Mexico: CGS program director Sujatha Jesudason addressed a group of key feminists, bioethicists and reproductive rights leaders in Mexico. She shared an analysis of the biopolitical challenges presented by these new technologies and talked about the multi-movement coalition building work of the Gender, Justice and Human Genetics program.

bullet December 8, Mexico City, Mexico: CGS program director Sujatha Jesudason spoke at the International Conference on Citizenship and Commons [PDF]. Focusing on the practical challenges of making the connections between social justice movements and conceptualizing the human genome as part of the Commons, Sujatha spoke about these powerful new technologies in an unjust world.

bullet December 1, San Francisco, CA: CGS project director Jesse Reynolds spoke on stem cell research to a gathering of the Physician Advocacy Fellows in San Francisco. These forty socially active medical doctors are supported by the Center on Medicine as a Profession of Columbia University.

bullet November 29, Los Angeles, CA: Women of color, health, and social justice advocates came together for a dynamic conversation on the implications of new genetic and reproductive technologies. Participants discussed hypothetical case studies involving paid surrogacy, pre-conception sex selection, prenatal screening and public insurance for children born with disabilities, and the targeted recruitment of women of color to sell eggs for research. The event was hosted by the Center for Genetics and Society and the Pacific Institute for Women's Health, and co-sponsored by Black Women for Wellness, the California Black Women's Health Project, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, the Latino Issues Forum, the National Health Law Program, the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research, the Reproductive Justice Coalition of Los Angeles, and the Women's Foundation of California.


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