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Genetic Crossroads
February 28th, 2007

"Increase in Egg Donors Raises Concerns," by Martha Irvine, Washington Post (February 19)
"Human egg donation was a rarity not so long ago. But heightened demand for eggs-and rising compensation for donors-are prompting more young women to consider it."

"$40,000 for their designer daughter," by Peta Hellard, Herald Sun (February 14)
"An Australian couple paid $40,000 to have controversial gender selection treatment in the US in order to have a baby girl."

"Opinion: Patenting Life," by Michael Crichton, New York Times (February 13)
"You, or someone you love, may die because of a gene patent that should never have been granted in the first place. Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it's only too real."

"Editorial: Stem cell dollars flow; But grant process is needlessly shrouded," Sacramento Bee (February 12)
"[U]nder the [CIRM's] shrouded procedures, it is impossible for anyone-including researchers applying for grants-to be assured that grant reviewers are recusing themselves at the proper times."

"Girl or Boy? As Fertility Technology Advances, So Does an Ethical Debate," by Denise Grady, New York Times (February 6)
"If people want to choose their baby's sex before pregnancy, should doctors help?"


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