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Genetic Crossroads
April 30th, 2007

bullet April 27: Osagie Obasogie spoke on "Is Separate But Equal Now OK? The Growing Tensions Between Race-Based Medicine and Civil Rights Advocacy" at a symposium entitled Race-Based Medicine: A New Approach to Race, Health, and Society?, sponsored by the UC Berkeley STS Center Working Group on Society, Technology, Ethics and Law.

bullet March 31: Emily Galpern facilitated a Strategic Action Session with Choice USA entitled "The High Cost of Eggs: Educating Young Women Targeted for Egg Donation" and presented on a panel at Hampshire College Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program's annual reproductive rights conference From Abortion Rights to Social Justice.

bullet March 29: Emily Galpern was interviewed with Debora Spar by the New England Journal of Medicine.

bullet March 28: Osagie Obasogie spoke on "Prisons as Biocolonies: Race, Biomedicine, and the Ethics of Using Prisoners as Research Subjects" at The Business of Race and Science, a conference sponsored by the Center for the Study of Diversity in Science, Technology and Medicine at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

bullet March 9: Emily Galpern and Osagie Obasogie presented "New Genetic and Reproductive Technologies: Considerations, Concerns, and Consequences for Reproductive Justice" at the Law Students for Choice national conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.

bullet March 3: Patricia Berne presented "Women of Color in the Gene Age: Present and Future Concerns" to the Empowering Women of Color Conference at UC Berkeley.

bullet March 2: Richard Hayes joined Francis Fukuyama and others on a panel addressing Beyond Bioethics, the new report authored by Fukuyama and Franco Furger. The Washington, DC event was organized by the New America Foundation and Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.


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